5 ways to stay healthy during COVID-19 pandemic

Corona virus brought the period of fear and worry. We are anxious to ride on public transport or go to the supermarket or mall. Those daily activities might never be the same for us, but we can try and take precautions and stay careful even when the pandemic is over. Bacteria, viruses and germs are all around us, so we should definitely take care even post COVID-19 outbreak. We are all aware that washing our hands and wearing masks is crucial when it comes to protecting ourselves and our loved ones from the viruses, but is there anything else that we can do?
The answer is yes!

1.    Keep a hand sanitizing gel in your purse all the time

Hand sanitizing gels might be the most convenient little thingies that COVID-19 outbreak has brought to us. They keep our hands sanitized no matter where we are and we can feel secure even if we touch the dirty poles in public transport. They fit in our purses or backpacks and sanitize our hands in no time.

2. Make sure to thoroughly clean your fruit and vegetables

Sometimes it happens that we forget about people’s bat habit to touch fruit and vegetables in supermarkets in order to find the best apple out there. That’s only one of the reasons why we should always make sure to rinse our greens with warm water before eating it.

3. Keep your personal items sanitized

Sometimes washing our hands isn’t enough. We often forget that we all have a “third” hand that is the dirtiest one of all – our phone. Sanitizing our phones and other personal items can be a problem because we shouldn’t use chemicals while doing it. However, there are various other options, and one of them is purchasing a UV-C sanitizing device that will keep your phones, keys, makeup brushes bacteria and germs free in just a couple of minutes.

4.    Forget about the old bad habits

You bite your nails or constantly touch your face!? Now is the best time to get rid of those bad habits as that is the easiest way spread bacterial or viral infections. Just try and make an effort to change that and you’ll thank yourself later.

5.    Don’t forget about your car

Our cars are another place we often forget about. Our wheels and door knobs can be a paradise for bacteria and germs. So make sure you clean it regularly and to sanitize your hands after driving.

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