The best way to sanitize your phone is easier than you think

Nowadays, people are using their phones literally everywhere — while eating, in the bathroom, while riding on public transport, while drinking coffee, etc. They don’t go anywhere without it and they are using it constantly for numerous purposes. However, little do they know that dangerous germs and bacteria cover their precious little gadgets and can compromise their health. In fact, studies have shown that a cell phone has 18x more bacteria than a public restroom. EWWWWW!!!


Unfortunately, unlike our hands, our phones cannot be washed with soap or detergent. We cannot rinse them with water and clean all the germs and bacteria off it. Surely, there are many alternative sanitizers out there — wet wipes, alcohol pads etc, but even with them, you cannot be sure it’s completely clean nor if they are safe enough for your phone screen.

However, even if this might seem like a hopeless case, there is still a solution. And it is called Kleanify.

What is Kleanify?

Kleanify is a UV-c sanitizing device that can help you get rid of 99,99% of germs and bacteria from your phone or any little personal item that you can fit in the space in it. It uses UV-c lights that are completely safe for your phone and can reach all the creases and holes that all other sanitizers can’t.

Moreover, you can use it on the go as it can fit into your bag — it is very compact and small-sized and it can even charge your phone if needed. Yours is only to put away your phone for 10 minutes and you will get a completely disinfected and clean phone without any disgusting bacteria all over its surfaces.

Order here and forget about dirty phones! 

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